At Taj Mahal Hotel, we have invested in a good number of modern amenities to ensure that your stay at the hotel is as comfortable and relaxing as you would wish. We do understand what our clients need for business and leisure in a hotel and so we have managed to put together these amenities that compliment Taj Mahal's services. Some of these amenities are freely available with some packages while others need to be paid for. However, the majority are freely accessible to residents of the Hotel.
Some of the most important amenities that are worth mentioning include a kitchen, 24 hrs security, Fully air conditioned rooms, High speed Wi-Fi for your business needs at the hotel area and highly comfortable beds. We also make sure that you get access to a dedicated car park, taxi services and laundry services during your stay at Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino. We ensure that you are entitled to 24hr security surveillance, and, therefore, you shouldn't be worried about your safety during your stay in the Taj Mahal Hotel. Our dedicated team of specialists also ensures that you are able to access these amenities without any problem. In fact, our skilled staff will ensure that your comfort becomes their priority during your stay at the hotel. In case, you need anything extra that the Hotel can access, we are more than happy to assist.

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