Restaurant and bar

We have a specialized team of chefs that takes care of the food at the Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino. They are not only capable of preparing international dishes but also make high quality local dishes for our guests. The chefs are highly skilled and always ensure that they do their best when in comes to making high quality meals for our guests. Moreover, you can order a special recipe and have it specifically made for you.

Other than our mouth watering dishes that we offer at the restaurant, we also have a coffee bar where we make great coffee flavors such as espresso, latte and cappuccino among others. The coffee brewers here are very skilled and dedicated and so expect only the top notch coffee flavor of your choice if you are a coffee lover.

In case you want to enjoy your afternoon or evening in a different style, then consider going to the cocktail bar where you can find a fully stocked bar with top of the range cocktail drinks, whiskeys, wines and beers. Depending on your preference, you can have the drinks brought to your suit by the room service attendants. The room service is excellent and the drinks here are irresistible.

Special offers

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"This is an excellent facility you have in Uganda. My family and I enjoyed our stay here.” – Mr. James Khan
– Alex Turner